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That poem is impressive right up until the last verse, when it doesn't quiiiite stick the landing (repetition of "cost"), and there are some lines that throw the meter off. But I'll admit it's decent (especially in its understanding of the issues at hand and how those are conveyed via poetry), to the point where I wondered if there should be a similar outcry as there has been over image generation AIs regarding ChatGPT putting poets out of work. A cursory Google suggests not, but maybe that's because we don't typically commission poems in the same way that we do artwork (or put them on book covers, use them to design characters and settings, etc.) and so ChatGPT's poetry is more of a novelty than replacing any existing demand. Still, how long before someone thinks to put together and sell a volume of AI-generated poetry...?

Have you heard about the news that Bing is supposedly planning to integrate ChatGPT? With Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI, it was basically a given, but with the number of errors that ChatGPT still produces for factual queries I wonder how they will make it work.

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