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I'm a little baffled at this idea of podcasts as a substitute for reading. It's a different medium. You might as well talk about the TV as a substitute for reading - no doubt people have, but to me that completely misses the point. It's a different method of information delivery with different goals and appeals.

I'm a huge book lover, but not everyone is. If books turn them off, why can't they listen to podcasts? Or, shock horror, do both xD I find it hard to make the time for podcasts because I'm rarely in a position where I'm doing something that's rote or mindless enough that I can concentrate on what I'm listening. I prefer reading because I can control the speed of it, but I have huge affection for a couple of podcasts I listen to, including 'We're Not So Different' (a mediaeval history podcast) and 'Lingthusiasm' (a linguistics podcast). And I have learned a ton from both, especially WNSD. Maybe that FT writer is just listening to bad podcasts?

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