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"I am more intrigued by the psychology of the people who prompt AI to make these statements. The AI holds up a mirror to the prompter."

Seeeeriously. Did you see this piece from Stratechery? https://stratechery.com/2023/from-bing-to-sydney-search-as-distraction-sentient-ai/

While I don't believe that any of the contents are a sign that Bing is showing self-awareness, or multiple personalities, or anything more than an ability to generate text in a way that humans will project onto with abandon, the author clearly believes all these things, but is hellbent on seeing how far he can push this bot. It's like the plot of a sci-fi film. "Why the AI Turned On Us". What does it say about you if you treat an entity that you *think* is intelligent (if not human) this way in the name of "research"?

"Microsoft could soon position itself as a respectable rival to Google search"

Eh... Could it? I don't think any of this has improved Microsoft's search credentials at all. The reviews coming off the actual search experience of Bing Chat are really lacklustre; it keeps getting things wrong and citing sources that don't contain the info it surfaced. Even the demo had issues (just like Google, but no-one paid attention because everyone was busy carping on about Google). All people have taken away from this is that Microsoft has made another unhinged chatbot; at best, no-one cares about the search, and at worst, they do and are finding it a worse experience.

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